Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sleeves 2 Go: Extending Your Wardrobe Look

A fashion-related booth, I discovered at the Southern Womens Show, was Sleeves 2 Go. When I stepped up to the table, I had no idea what was going on. However, I left saying 'Yes! I need these!'

Two things come to mind: 1) I live in Florida and I feel cooler wearing no sleeves and, 2) there are still jobs out there that state you can't go sleeveless. Sleeves 2 Go has come up with a solution...

This blouse is a sleeveless one however, the Sleeves 2 Go has been added and you can see that it has transformed a sleeveless into a very classy sleeved top.

There are three different colors to choose from: black, white and ivory (on the website they also have navy and brown)...

The sleeves snap onto the bra strap and then the top lays over that. The sleeves are a cool and lightweight chiffon fabric. Let me tell you, chiffon is wonderful to pack if you hang it up as soon as you get to your designation. So, think of all the transformations you can make with just adding sleeves to a sleeveless top. It can take you from a day to a nighttime look.

Here you can see just how pretty and chic the sleeves make an already beautiful dress...

I knew she had them on, being that she was working the booth, but I never would have known, otherwise, that this dress didn't already have sleeves.

You can order your Sleeves 2 Go on their website. Just one simple change can make the difference whether you'd rather not show your arms or, just want to extend your wardrobe.

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