Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Perfectly Petite: Non-Energy, Non-Weight Loss Drink...Yea, Right.

While standing in line at Ulta, I always snoop around the impulse bids. I mean, that IS what they are there for.

This product caught my eye and, since it is pink, I took a look at it...

 By the shape of the bottle, I knew it was going to be some kind of energy drink. I was right. This drink is called 'Perfectly Petite.'

This is where it goes downhill. When they say 'Perfectly Petite', I am smart enough to know they are NOT talking about the size of the bottle!

After the 'WTF?' went through my mind, I figured the back of the bottle would surely help me make perfect sense of what the gist of this energy drink is about.

 Oh, I get it: If I drink their product (and I'm sure lots of it), then I'll be able to wear a skimpy dress (because their drink made me thin) and that will get me the guy (or, the partner). What I started wearing, immediately, was a scowl!

I read more:
"It's not an energy shot. It's not a weight loss potion. It's a feel good, fat burning, energy boosting, healthy way to keep unwanted weight off."  Yes, I still had the 'WTF' look on my face.

Below there 'cute' little equation is the following:

(skinny, er petite girl logo) Burn 100 calories just sitting pretty!

My gawd!! Alice drank the wrong potion!!! Thank goodness I have been spared a life of being un-petite, or having to walk 3 hours a day on a treadmill or never fit into a small black dress!!!

Usually, when I find stuff like this, I roll my eyes and know the people behind all this are total idiots. But, I'm starting to get more miffed about things that are geared to making people, especially women, think they are less than wonderful without a particular product.

Is it unhealthy to be overweight? Usually. Are there people looking for a quick-fix to being thin? Yes. Will there be women that thinks this drink will make them petite, dress svelte and get a guy? Sadly, there will be.

I suppose playing upon the believe that one has to be thin to get love sells. Just take a look at almost every fashion magazine, ad or commercial. It is a crock. Sorry, but if I have to be thin to get the love of my life then, he is NOT the love of my life. It doesn't matter that the flavor of this drink is Passion Fruit! And I'm not giggling over the subtitle of this product 'Women's Energy With Benefits'.

Almost every young girl wants to look attractive. Almost every woman wants to look and feel attractive. Hopefully, everyone can look in the mirror and sing Billy Joel's song 'Just The Way You Are' their self.

Perfectly Petite is made by LXR Biotech and their website is

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Glitter Accessory Store: Fun Jewelry For A Buck

A new store opened in one of the malls where I have clients. I walked past it on my way to the location and knew right then that my reward was stopping in there before I left the mall..

The store is called Glitter and it is an accessories store. All the jewelry was $1. They had faux reading glasses and shades for $5, 2 for $9, 3 for $12. But, you could mix and match that with the belts and scarves they had. They also had some pretty nice handbags for $25 and wallets for $10.

Here's what I came home with...
 A couple of edgy headbands for when I run.

 Cute bracelets to layer with.

One edgy, punky bracelet and one girly bracelet.

 I don't have a lot of gold earrings so these are cute to add to my collection.

And cocktail rings. Or, statement rings, if you will. But, I love them! This store had rows and rows and tables and tables of these type of rings. I had to get the koi one, no doubt!

And the filigree style works as a staple/classic look for my style. The purple-stone ring is another one that made me happy to look at it.

Eleven items for $11. None of these items are meant to look high-end. These are all for fun. And the price makes it easier to have fun.

I must have spent over an hour there trying to take it all in. I do look forward to going shopping there again soon.

Do you wear statement rings?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lock Laces: Never Trip Over Your Shoe Laces At the Finish Line

I run 5K races. I like to look somewhat fashionable but comfort is the top priority. That was until my shoe became untied as I headed to the finish line at the Disney World's Princess 5K race.

I decided in less than half a second that I had to step over to the side and tie my shoe. I did it because I was kicking it hard and didn't want to have this huge crowd at the finish to witness me falling flat on my face.

It amazes me that I still got a personal best time, but beat myself up that I could have cut even more time off my finish if it hadn't been for my STUPID shoelaces!!! Arrrggghhhh!!!!

My friend, Michelle, that did the race with me told me about Lock Laces. Her husband got her some for her birthday. After some online research, I knew I had to get these.

I picked candy pink go to with what? My pink Adidas shoes!!! So, I went from this...
 To this...

  It looks complicated but I swear, it is not. The package has instructions and the Lock Laces has them on their website as well. However, it is just 3 easy steps. (Haa haa...steps, get it?!)

Now I don't need to worry about this...
Because I got this...

Secret to never having to tie your shoes is the lace lock piece...

Pinch the tab, slide it down towards the shoe, let it go. No need to worry about tripping over your shoe laces. The lace, itself, is woven plastic, like a baby bungee cord. They hold the shoe firm but not overly constricting.

Now my old laces can become a part of this...
Cat toys.

Have you tried Lock Laces? Even if you are not a runner, would you wear them?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Rue 21: I Knew You Had Something That Would Fit Me

Rue 21 has cute clothes. Unfortunately, if you are over a size 4, there's nothing there that will fit. So you can imagine my glee when I found an XL pink tee and it fit!


I really don't mean to look like I want to be a bad ass. My neutral face is starting to make me look like I'm pissed. Truthfully, I was having a good time.

Now that I know Rue 21, occasionally, has tees that fit me, I can now justify going in there for more than just looking at jewelry.

Isn't that an interesting shade of pink?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Walmart: Rhinestone Layering Bracelets

I found these rhinestone stretch bracelets at Walmart this week...

There was also green, blue and purple shades as well. I have a small wrist so I wouldn't recommend these for someone with larger than average hands or wrists. These are not terribly loose on me but they are quite comfortable.

And, affordable too...
At that price, if, or when, they break, I'm not going to be terribly upset. Bummed would me more like it.

Even though these are strung together by elastic, there are two strings and the elastic is quite thick too.

I'm loving layering my bracelets. How about you?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Body Central: BOGO Free Jewelry Clearance

Forget those 'value' meals. Fast food isn't good for you! But saving some fast bucks is good for the spirit and easy on the wallet too.

Here's what I got today for $.99...
I purchased these at Body Central in a mall. Their website is They have their clearance jewelry buy one get one free. And all the clearance was .99 cents. Even though the website sells their regular jewelry for $6, it is $3.90 at the store.

I think I can find a buck's worth of change hanging out in my car that can cover this one!

And the fun part is coming up with a look around these pieces.

Have you had a great bargain purchase lately?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Halloween Undergarmets Or, Scary Knickers

I saw some cute Halloween socks and panties...on the RACK!!!...

I was at Walmart. I didn't get any of these though. But the Hello, Kitty Halloween socks were very tempting. It's just no one sees my socks. And, I already have about 3 pair of Halloween socks from years past.

Do you wear Halloween undergarments?

Monday, September 10, 2012

What Would Hello, Kitty Look Like If She Was A Zombie?

I received a t-shirt I ordered last week. This came from
Perfect for Halloween and beyond. Or...before too. I might wear this one, if it is cool enough, when I run the Zombie Run next month.

What do you think?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Skull Of Skulls T-Shirt From Walmart

Who would have known I could find such coolness at Walmart?...

I think this could go with the teal jeans I got yesterday. And I have some earrings that would work with this too.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Color Jeans: Trend Continues Into Fall And Winter

The current trend is colorful jeans. And mostly, skinny, skinny jeans. While I don't get close to the skinny, skinny cut, I love colorful jeans. I found a couple of them yesterday...
 I got these at Kohl's. They are not the first color jeans that I have bought this year. I got rid of an older pair of teal pull-on jegging-style and a red pair of regular jeans I bought that got too baggy. I like form-fitting jeans; not the kind that hang out below the butt-crack level!!!

When I was in high school, it was the BOMB to have either Calvin Klein or Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. I saved like crazy to get a pair of Vanderbilts. That swan logo meant I was cool!

This style and cut, called 'Amanda', is perfect for me. Very slimming yet comfortable. I couldn't ask for anything better, except for maybe fitting into a smaller size...

 I wore the turquoise pair today...
And I love this little cupcake necklace a got a couple of months back at Forever 21...

 At Cosmoprof, this year, Remington brand was handing out hair bands and these colored hair pins...
Add up some beaded bracelets and I was ready to do a bit of work at the mall today. Oh, and I should be honest, I did some shopping too. ;)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello, Kitty Vampire Shirt

Hello, Kitty has been around forEVER! It has only been in the past 3 or so years that I have come to like her. I'm a late bloomer.

There was no way I was going to pass this one up...
Stinkin' cute, I tell ya! I wonder how soon I can start wearing this without looking too pushy for Halloween. :)

From Walmart, this was a total of $8.88. I guess that's better than $6.66.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

OOTD: Hello, Kitty And Braids

I've had long hair almost my entire life. Almost my entire adult life save for the last time when a hair stylist (I use the term loosely) went rouge on me. But, the reason I like my hair long is that I can style it so many different ways.

Last Saturday, I got my hair cut to update my style. I found a new hair stylist and I think he is pretty awesome. This is how it looked after he was finished...

It's still long and I can still do updos. Plus, the different colors all show too.
 Seriously, I liked braids way before the 'Hunger Games'. When I let go of trying to do it perfectly, I got a fairly good French braid.

I did this along with wearing my new Hello, Kitty shirt. I got it at Rue 21 and was pretty happy to find something there that actually fit!
And I found the holographic Hello, Kitty necklace at Claire's. I saw the matching ring and earrings, originally at another store, but that place didn't have the necklace. I kept looking and I did, indeed, find it...
I didn't want to OD on Hello, Kitty (though I wanted to), so I wore these earrings instead...
(My favorite painter, John Waterhouse, in the back, cuz I know you look!)
I got these at Forever 21. And I wore blue denim jeans along with sneakers. This look was very comfortable. And fun too.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

What Is This 'I Still Wear Pink' Business?

A sister blog to 'Libby's Pink Vanity', 'I Still Wear Pink' is on fashion for body wear and for home wear. 

I'm by no means a designer or fashionista, but I still like to dress fun, funky and sometimes even professional. I prefer fun and funky, with some comfy thrown in too.

And, when I feel brave, I get an up-dated hair style. So, this blog is about me. Well, that's the most readily available model, isn't it? But, if I can capture and share other folks with their creativity showing, I'll add that in too.

As much as I love to read about DIY (Do It Yourself) blogs and pin the heck out of them on Pinterest, I want to actually do the 'DO' part. How about I set aside some time and play? I need a hobby away from surfing the Internet all day and evening. Plus, Fall always makes me feel 'crafty'.

And, as you can see on my phone cover, not only is it Pink but I have some Lisa Frank stickers on it as well as a Darling Girl sticker that I got in my last order from her. Lots of Pink and fashionably cute. Or, just Kimberly at play.

I have plenty of links throughout this post. These are sites I visit and enjoy. I like to think of my blogs as Show And Tell for grownups. Wanna join me?