Saturday, October 27, 2012

Creating Just A Bit Of An Edgy Look

No one has to go all out to create a 'bad girl' or 'tough girl' look. Just a few accent pieces can get the message a playful way. I found this bracelet...
at a store called 'Charming Charlie'. This store is in a mall where I visit some retail customers. The store has been there for some time and I just assumed it was a high-end jewelry store and one much like Pandora. However, I had some time to spend so I took a stroll through the store.

Now I will have just one more store to check out when I go to this mall. I now shop more than I work in the malls. I've been told that I'm lucky. What I am is broke, not lucky!

Nevertheless, I found this bracelet very interesting...
and heavy. It is metal and doesn't bend. I'm banking on it not falling off my small wrist if it should turn sideways. Hopefully, it will create a loud noise to alert me if it does. Thing is, this bracelet was under $10. In fact, a lot of the jewelry at 'Charming Charlie was reasonably priced. The purses that they offered were well-made and at $35 or under, I was very surprised. They also had trendy shoes, some tops and some scarves and hats. Enough to create a serious temptation!

Not only do I like the bracelet, but it went so well with a pair of earrings I picked up at Forever 21 about a week earlier...
The earrings were $3.80. Since I mentioned that one doesn't have to get all spikey and leathery to look tough, these pieces of jewelry only hint at it. Dressing as I normally do and adding these two accessories gives me an edgy look and not like a scary dominatrix.

Studs and spikes are very trendy at the moment. Are you into them?

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