Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Holiday-Themed Clothes: Not Just For The Trend-Setters

With the Holidays now upon us (I consider October 1 to be opening season), not all fashion is about costumes and Christmas dresses. Some of it is about accessories.

I like these...
I got them last week at a modern day 'five and dime', aka, The Christmas Tree Shops. When I wear these, I am not going to wear a Halloween t-shirt or my Halloween socks at the same time. I only wear one holiday-themed item at a time.

As much as I'd like to wear all Halloween, it's not going to happen. One item per fashion look. If I wear a Halloween graphic tee, no Halloween jewelry. Now, that's just my standards. And I can change them on a whim. That's my right. Besides, how easy is it to see my Halloween socks, anyway?

However, since I read in some fashion magazine an untold amount of years ago that the Christmas-themed vests were horribly cliche, I've doubted my holiday fashion sense ever since. I've never worn one of those vests but I get the gist of what that meant. It told me 'people that wear holiday-themed clothing are sooo out of style that we should hold them in contempt'. Eek!

My own personal opinion when I see someone who wears plenty of holiday themed-clothing is that they must love the holiday season as much as me. And if the fashion industry didn't want us to wear those vests, they should just stop making it!

What holiday-themed jewelry or clothes do you like to wear?

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